We offer access to our managed funds that trade across select commodity markets. Systems focus on futures options and function purely systematic in nature.

Key trading operation notions:

We combine cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques with fundamental trading knowledge, to generate systems with positive alpha.

Our systems range across a set of times frames and variables. Systems may seek to find correlations between various markets or uncover unique trading opportunities in the markets individually.

Our primary markets we focus on trading are energy and grain markets.


Key risk management notions:

•For every trade, a maximum of 100 basis points of total capital risked. Goal of 25 to 50.

•Monthly, quarterly, and annual trade loss limits in place.

•Alerting system, connection loss resolution, and remote override functionality of any automated trading system.

•Automated hedging execution capabilities.

•Access to our own proprietary margin optimization software, allowing for optimization of hedging and capital allocation.