Our hedging clients gain access to our proprietary futures options hedging and margin optimization platform. This tool is a web-based platform which we utilize to assist our clients in their hedging programs, but it also offers data and insight many market participants find useful.


Margin Hedging Calculator

  • A calculator that will take the client’s current commodity/trading position and recommend additional options or futures contracts that will hedge against the current positions to reduce the account’s total margin requirement.

Auto-hedge Service

  • A service that will use the Margin Hedging Calculator to determine an optimal trade to take and then place that trade for the account at a set time. This trade will reduce the account’s total margin requirement. This service can be useful during the broker’s end-of-day margin calculation window or overnight so the trader’s account can stay under a margin limit during the time window. Once the time window passes, the service will exit the trade.

Optimal Option Strike Price Calculator

  • A calculator that will determine the margin requirement for each option strike price and present the trader with the results. The trader can then determine which strike prices provide the best opportunity for the least amount of margin requirement.